Mark Rice-Schoon Healthy Living Specialist

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Mark Rice-Schoon

Healthy Living Specialist & Certified Personal Trainer


I am, at heart and by experience, a trainer, especially of physical skills. I love working with people – meeting them where they are to help them improve their lives with various forms of physical and wellness activities.


I have extensive experience in teaching lifeguarding; swimming, swim instruction and swim instructor trainers; group exercise; and Basic Life Support and Basic First Aid; tai chi; sea kayaking; canoeing; and presentation skills.


I have also created personalized training for seniors, cancer patients, and youth with diverse abilities. My most recent emphasis has been working with seniors toward healthy aging, improving chronic disease/conditions, and fall prevention.


My Training Philosophy:


My philosophy has evolved over the years. Today I find that training should support our health goals as well as specific performance goals. Using strength and exercise training to live healthy longer, to move without pain through all the daily activities of life for as long as possible. I incorporate a wide variety of methods, including traditional barbell and dumbbell, bodyweight, TRX®️, kettlebells, Indian Clubs, etc.





American Council on Exercise®️ (ACE) – Personal Trainer with Senior Fitness Specialist

ACE certified Health Coach

TRX®️ Suspension Trainer

YMCA Group Exercise

Schwinn®️ Indoor Cycling Instructor

Pedaling for Parkinson’s™️ Instructor

International Tai Chi Alliance – Tai Chi and Qigong Instructor

International Yang Family Tai Chi Association – Associate Instructor

Enhance®️Fitness, LIVESTRONG®️ at the YMCA, Healthy Heart Ambassador

Tai Ji Quan: Moving for Better Balance®️

Certified Diabetes Prevention Program Lifestyle Coach


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