Updates to Our Policies & Procedures to Help Keep Our Community Safe

**Updated January 8, 2022**

September 21, 2021

Dear Amazing Members and Program Participants,

I wish I was reaching out to you for another reason than this, but due to the increase in COVID cases in our community and region, we must change some of the policies currently in place at our YMCA. Please know that this is being done strictly to keep everyone as safe as possible so that we can all continue to be at the Y and enjoy the benefits all of our programs bring to children, teens and adults. Another reason for incorporating some of these practices into our new COVID policies is to ensure we can perform the most accurate Contact Tracing possible if someone does test positive.

All of these policies will take effect on Wednesday, September 22nd. I ask you all for your understanding and patience as we try in every way to keep all of our members, children and overall community as safe as possible.

Please Click the video below for this important message and to receive the most current information. As always, thank you for being a part of our Y Family and continuing to be so supportive of everything we do at our beloved YMCA.

Diane Dickerson, CEO

  1. All staff will be wearing masks even though nearly 98% are vaccinated. We are doing this to ensure the utmost safety of our Y Family.
  2. To help keep our children and members safe, as well as our overall community, we are asking for the following:
    1. FULLY VACCINATED are required to wear a face mask when entering/exiting our building and moving between areas of our Y. Those who are fully vaccinated can take their mask off when they get to the area they are working out in if they need to.
    2.  NOT FULLY VACCINATED are required to wear a face mask at ALL TIMES except when in the water. This means while working out, while in the locker room, while walking through the YMCA building.
    3. If we find out you are NOT vaccinated and are NOT wearing your mask, your membership will be terminated. (Updated 1/8/22)
  3. All Members & Program Participants must check in when entering our Y.
  4. Sign In & Out sheets will be in all areas of the Y: Fitness Center, Weight Room, Pools, Studios, Locker Rooms, Teen Center, etc. We ask that all members and program participants who use these areas to write down the time they enter and leave these areas on the sheets. This is to ensure the most accurate Contact Tracing.
  5. We will resume having Hand Sanitizers throughout our Y.
  6. Members/Parents/Guardians must tell us immediately if they/child have tested positive for COVID-19. Please call us at 941-2808. If it is after hours, please contact Diane directly at 207-745-6133. We need you to do this in order for us to follow the necessary CDC procedures and keep others safe.
  7. Please make sure we have your most current email address and phone number on file. We suggest you add our phone number, 207-941-2808, to your contacts so you know the call is from us and not a pesky spammer. We will only call you for important manners, such as if you possibly could have been exposed to someone who tested positive. Our Welcome Center staff will be confirming your email and phone number information as you check in for the upcoming weeks. We appreciate your cooperation with this.