Brent Veysey Creative Director

No one can miss Brent Veysey’s infectious smile and cheerful demeanor. Small wonder, then, that Brent’s favorite quote is, “Live life to the fullest and focus on the positive.”

As the Y’s Creative Director, Brent brings his optimistic approach to a wide variety of marketing roles, from videography and social media to graphics and printed materials. “I wear many hats and enjoy helping solve problems on fly,” he says.

Brent’s background includes studies in Graphic Design at the Art Institute of Boston and work experience with companies in Colorado, Illinois and Oregon. “I am a graphic designer, illustrator, photographer and typographer,” he reveals. He has experience in development and execution of consumer and trade marketing, strategy, brand development, business analytics, and more.

Joining the Bangor Region YMCA in early 2021 was like coming home. “I chose the Y because it was a very important part of my youth,” says Brent. “Playing basketball and watching my older brother play basketball are cherished memories.” He grew up in Bangor with his parents and three brothers and now lives here with his wife who has been his partner in helping to renovate their home the past couple of years.

Brent attributes his success to several important people in his life. “Many of my mentors had a vast amount of knowledge in guiding me through my professional career,” he says. His parents were also a powerful influence. “I really looked up to my father and how he handled adversity, plus how he genuinely loved meeting new people. Growing up with my mother was a great experience as she had such a positive outlook on life.”

Respect is a core Y value that is central to Brent’s approach to work and life. “The presence of respect can help alter conflicts by providing opportunities that did not exist before,” he says. “You show respect by being polite and kind.”

Brent enjoys spending time with his wife and friends, hiking, playing guitar, writing music, building things with wood and cooking for his family. The latter might be due to a surprising fact about Brent: he shares his birthday with the famous and former American chef Julia Child!