KEMPO Martial Arts Class


Fridays: 6:30-8:30PM & Sundays: 2:00-3:30PM

Offered by John Costello, Classes go until December 17th.


This program is FREE with your Bangor Region YMCA membership, no registration required.  Just show up!


Download Kempo Flyer


Shaolin Kempo combines the circular, fluid motion of Chinese Kung Fu and the linear, powerful movements of Japanese Karate. It is a highly effective, practical art for street self-defense.  In addition, it implements joint manipulations and grappling tactics of Jujutsu.


Shaolin Kempo develops all ranges of combat: long, middle, and close. It also utilizes all four ways of fighting: striking, kicking, felling, and grappling, unlike most other martial arts that focus on just one or two of these. Training consists of numerous fun and practical methods, including classical basics, striking pads and heavy bags, self-defense techniques, sparring, and kata (forms). Through the training in Shaolin Kempo, students will develop the Five Shaolin Animal styles, which encompass different body types and fighting tactics: the Tiger, Dragon, Leopard, Crane, and Snake. The depth of Shaolin Kempo keeps it exciting and mentally stimulating for years upon years.