Important Updates – March 19, 2020

March 19, 2020

A Message From Diane Dickerson, CEO, To Our Parents:

With the news of positive cases in Bangor, I feel it is my responsibility to encourage parents to keep their children in your home if at all possible.  If it is not possible, we are here for you.  Our number of children at our Y have significantly been decreased from what our normal operation experiences Pre-COVID-19.  Prior to the pandemic, we had 165 children a day at our Y.  We are now averaging about 45-50 children a day.  This allows us to have small groups of children and far more space to spread out our kids since the Y is closed to all other people except these children.  Our children are having their temperatures taken three times a day, washing their hands constantly, using hand sanitizer throughout the day, and learning about social distancing. We are taking every precaution. Going forward, parents will not be allowed to walk through the Y to pick up their children or drop them off.  They will be restricted to the Welcome Center Lobby and staff will take your child to the program and bring the child back to you when you come to pick up.

For those parents wishing to keep their children home, we will help with in-home care if you do not have anyone.  We are conducting Babysitting Courses certified by the Red Cross tomorrow and next Friday. This will include CPR.  It is a day-long course that helps prepare teens and adults for babysitting responsibilities and provides safety measures.  We are putting together a list of staff and graduates of our Babysitting Program who are willing to work in the homes of our Y Families if needed.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions

Be Safe,

Diane Dickerson