Women On Weights

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Phase I: Building the Foundation

April 4th – June 8th, 2023
Tuesdays & Thursdays, 5:00 – 6:00pm

Build the foundation to get STRONG and LEAN with our popular Women On Weights program! You’ll join a community of women of various fitness levels to gain the ultimate tools to truly change your body composition and elevate your level of fitness.

Join Sara Dawson, our Fitness & Health Specialist and Certified Personal Trainer, for this progressive 10-week program that will teach you:

  • Effective and foundational weight training exercises
  • Proper form and technique
  • How to choose the right weight to use
  • The right number of sets and reps to perform depending on your goals

COST: $134 Member | $172 Non-Member
 Financial assistance is available!

Sign up for Phase I and begin your transformation journey today! We will prove that women do not get big and bulky when they weight train, they get strong and lean.

For more information, email Travis Mitton, Fitness & Health Manager.