Arthritis/Bone Health


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The Bangor Region YMCA offers special group fitness classes that are carefully designed to reduce pain and increase range of motion through all the joints in the body in an effort to improve overall wellness. Programs include both land and water fitness classes customized to help people living with arthritis, fibromyalgia or other neuro-muscular complications in a variety of exercises. These classes are designed to improve balance and fall prevention.


Our team of caring professionals will help you focus on three major areas to improve your health:

  • Enhance®Fitness is an evidence-based program geared towards older adults, and those with a chronic condition, such as arthritis. This program focuses on strength, flexibility, movement, and balance.
    • Meets three times per week for 60 minutes each.
    • Set your own goals and our EnhanceFitness Certified Instructors will help you meet them.
    • Some people will be standing, some will be seated—and some will use the chairs to hold onto for support.
    • Move at a pace that’s comfortable for you.
    •  Assists in performing daily activities as independently as possible.
  • Joint Ventures is a water fitness class for those with arthritis, fibromyalgia or other neuro-muscular complications. This program focuses on joint mobility, flexibility, strength, and pain management.

  • Strong Connections at the Y using group activities, education, and mindfulness to increase social connections.
  • Classes are in group settings offered multiple times a week to encourage social support and build relationships among participants.

  • Healthcare professionals are brought in two times a year to talk about areas of interest related to bone health.
  • Healthy Habit Sessions to teach participants what to do to improve their overall wellness.
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