Core STRENGTH trains your core like no other class will in one 30 minute class. If your goal is to get a 6-pack this class is not meant for you. In Core STRENGTH we will focus on the functionality of your core and how to move through your day in a stronger and more functional way. A stronger core means a stronger you. This class is for ALL fitness levels, everyone can benefit from a stronger core!

**Due to COVID-19, reservations are required to attend our outdoor and indoor classes in person. Social distancing will be followed. To reserve your spot, call our Welcome Center staff at 941-2808. Please remember to bring your own water bottle and a towel. Some classes may be livestreaming in our Bangor Region YMCA Group Fitness Facebook Group; classes that will be livestreamed are noted in the schedule below. Members must join this Facebook Group to gain access to the livestreaming of these classes.**