Member ID Policy

Member identification is very important to us here at The Bangor Region YMCA! We like to call you by your name, make connections and build relationships. We want to know who you are!

The Bangor Region YMCA has a 100% Check-In Policy. This is so we can keep everyone who uses our Y as safe as possible. Help Us Keep Our Y Safe and do the following EVERY TIME you enter our Building:

Members: Scan your card, smartphone or punch in your number. Replacement IDs are available at the Welcome Center Desk for an additional fee.

Childcare Parents/Guardians: Show us your FOB EVERY time you come to drop off/pick up your child. Parents/guardians who do not have their FOB must sign in at the Welcome Center and wait to have childcare staff escort them upstairs.

Swim Lesson Kids & Parents/Guardians and Grandparents: If you are members, please scan your card, smartphone, or punch in your number. If you are not a member, please sign in at the Welcome Center EVERY time.

All Other Visitors: Please remember that guests must present a photo ID and sign a facility waiver at the Welcome Center.

THANK YOU for helping us continue to keep our Y safe!